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What to know about the guild...
The guild was established in 2010 on the server Medivh. We focus mainly on dungeons and raiding. Our raid schedule is set at 7pm server time Tuesday and Thursday. We use discord as our voice chat resource for raiding.
We host a bi-weekly guild raffle that gives players a chance to roll dice to win prizes by such as mounts, pets, transmog weapons, toys, and gold. The cost of entry for the raffle is 100 gold. In addition, each participant can purchase as many dice rolls as they desire for 100 gold per roll. 
Our current goal is to recruit as many raiders as possible before the launch of Legion on the 30th of August. 
Guild Bank
The bank is open for all members to withdraw what they NEED.
Anyone caught stealing will be given a demotion and a warning. If a player continues to steal  then they will be removed from the guild. The officers will recognize the difference between stealing and getting something you need.
All players will be promoted based on their reputation status. The following is a list of promotions:
All ranks after these require guild participation. Participation involves: donating to the guild bank, helping other players, and showing up to events
A guild officer (death watcher) is required to have exalted guild status and will be given by the Guildmaster. A officer position is earned, not simply given out. Guild officers hold the responsibility of watching the guild bank, creating events, and promoting the guild. The highest officer position available is deemed as the Co-Guildmaster which is called: Dark Lord

(In order to appeal to the significance of the Warcraft storyline the guildmaster has created a lore for the guild.)
When the Lich King fell and Bolvar Fordragon took his place, the cult of the damned was left dormant. The purpose of the cult of the damned was lost with the death of their leader Arthas. The cultists had been abandoned and had no place left on Azeroth left to go. The cultists were soon confronted by strange whispers from an ominous voice. The whispers slowly drew the cult members to the titan halls of Ulduar. Many of the former cultists had gone insane from the whispering voices and died in the cold of the storm peaks. As the cultists drew close to the enterance of the pantheon they heard the distant echoes of voices. The few cult members that remained entered the pantheon and were trapped by a titan defence sentry. The whispers grew stronger within the minds of the cultists. The cultists were soon confronted by several heroes from beyond Azeroth. The titans confronted the heroes and trapped cultists in astral form and spoke in unison. "You brave heroes have defeated Arthas and brought order to the scourge threat, but you are in danger. It is foretold in the cosmos that you will be sworn into a dark pact of servitude. The thoughts of all mortals will be drowned out by maddening whispers." The astral forms of the titans fade into the floor of the pantheon. A purple rift opens in the center of the pantheon. The heroes steel themselves and prepare for what approaches as the cultists spectate with curiosity. A massive tentacle spews from the rift destroying the Titan Sentry freeing the cultists. As the Titan defense grid tried to retaliate, the entrance of the pantheon is closed off by a void wall. A massive eye and several tentacles emerge from the rift and ensnare the heroes and cultists. The voices of millions echo through the minds of the mortals in the pantheon. The power of the void is so intense that the everyone begins to feel their souls being tugged toward the spirit realm. The millions of voices began to speak as one. "We are the hive mind of the old gods. We contain the hidden knowledge of mortals and gods alike. The old god Yogg-Saron was defeated and the assimilation with Ulduar was never severed. You mortals have been chosen as the elite few to spread darkness across this world. You are the only mortals who have the strength to sustain the power of our whispers of madness. We offer our dark gift of the void in exchange for a pact. The dark titan Sargeras and the burning legion are preparing to return to Azeroth. The dark titan threatens the existence of mortals and old gods alike.When the time comes you must prevent Sargeras from being summoned into this world. The path set before you is paved towards an allegiance of darkness. When the time comes you will be called upon by the will of chaos when the old gods retake this world. In the waning light may darkness be your ally." The cultists and heroes accepted the offer of the old gods and were imbued with their power.

Forever the cult of the damned and their pact with the old gods will be known as The Dark Allegiance...

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Guild Raids
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